Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Philosophy

All Students Are Capable of Learning

I believe an exceptional classroom provides an exciting educational adventure in which both the teacher and the students are participants. Engaging students in the learning process through different mediums such as technology, art and music, promotes active learning and fosters critical thinking. I promote an actively creative learning environment where students are encouraged to interpret, analyze, and predict by using “hands on” learning experiences. As an aspiring educator I design lessons for differentiated instruction to accommodate all learning styles, abilities, and interests. In my recent experience as an elementary student teacher I have found my philosophy true; students who are creatively stimulated are fully engaged in the learning process and will not only retain information, but also will be motivated to learn more!

Super Student Teacher and Fourth Grade Students
Behavioral Reward: Face Paint Party (March 2011)
Created by Melissa Masci-Bernstein

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